Trace: ibvunit



This is a program for the communication of the IB-System directly with physical devices through external or internal communication gateways.

The ibvunit program converts protocols implemented on physical devices into the communication protocol ibprotocol used by all components of the IB-System.


The documentation applies to the ibvunit program in version 2.3.5.

Supported physical devices

The ibvunit program is compatible with all devices equipped with the MODBUS RTU communication protocol. The MODBUS RTU protocol specification is available in a separate document.

Example of physical devices:

  • Output modules with, for example, relay, analog outputs, etc.
  • Measurement/input modules allowing reading of parameters like temperature, humidity, state, etc.
  • Complete devices equipped with a MODBUS RTU communication interface (e.g., heat pumps, fans)
  • Communication interfaces
  • Communication gateways