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General Information

The IB-System is a set of tools that enable, in a straightforward way, to freely program any process (e.g., climate control), machinery work, or technological device operation.

The main assumption of the IB-System is a simple and intuitive connection of physical input/output devices with a freely programmable logic layer and a graphical user interface.

The IB-System is a product aimed at professional automation specialists and enthusiasts with basic programming knowledge. The least programming knowledge and, in many cases, the use of pre-made solutions allow you to create a fully functional system.

The IB-System is multi-platform, which means that it can be run on various operating systems, including single-board computers with ARM processors.

Components of the IB-System

  • ibvunit – a program used for direct communication with physical devices using external or internal communication gates. The ibvunit program performs conversion of protocols implemented on physical devices to the ibprotocol communication protocol used by all component programs of the IB-System.
  • ibmanager – a program managing the device control process (managing logics).
  • ibalert – a program processing and distributing alerts received from the IB-System
  • ibls – a multifunctional console program, a tool for the IB-System
  • ibviewer – a graphical program allowing viewing and modifying parameters, it is a tool dedicated to testing logics.
  • ibgui – a graphical program enabling the display of a graphical interface for the end user​.

Additional Tools

  • AI Assistance – a set of tips that facilitate the generation of IB-System configuration files using artificial intelligence